Non-standards Customized Products:

a.Non-standards Customized Products by Investment Casting:

Besser Casting has 18-year experience in investment casting industry. Our products are applied in construction, automotive, home appliances, bathroom accessories, machinery, hardware and so on. We have ability to provide whole OEM services according to customers’ design drawings. We have cast more than 100 different kinds of materials, including stainless steel, carbon steel and high-nickel based steel. All the materials are tested by spectrograph to make sure each heat melting metal meets the requirement of chemical composition. Besser Casting is also equipped with a full test lab to perform both dimensional, rough and mechanical testing including tensile and hardness.

b.Non-Standards Products by Plastics Injection

Hilifeng plastics injection factory has cooperated with domestic and international brands for decades of years. Our prodcuts has applied in electric appliance, communication device, toy and so on. We have ability to provide whole OEM services according to customers’ design drawings. We can make large numbers of plastic marks, like ABS、AS、PC、PP、PA、TPU、POM、PVC、PMMA、PEEK、PBT、HDPE、LDPE. Moreover, we are using degradable material like PLA、PET、PBS.

Customized Molds:

Besser Casting factory has already developed more than 3000 different molds. Hilifeng plastics injection factory has made more than 1000 different molds. Based on abundant OEM experience, we can precisely choose the right material and processing according different requirements of efficiency and difficulty. We have acquired the technologies like needle-valve type of pin-point gate, hotter runner and other developing methods.

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