Searching and Integrating Information and Resources:

Most SEM customers, as unknowns in new domestic or global markets, urgently need developing new projects to win the market. However, lacking of recourses or distributions, most SME customers don’t have ability to acquire critical information. It leads heavy losses of time and money.
Onestone has professionals to analyze information in every aspects and find the most suitable solutions for customers and provide reasonable suggestions in early stage. We are more familiar with manufacturing environment in China, and the way of cooperation, communication between enterprises, market trends and government policies in mainland, China. Furthermore, Onestone has relationships with hundreds of factories in different industries. So we are able to streamline supply chain, lower communication costs, time costs, and risks. That’s how we create more business opportunities for our customers.

Professional technology consultant :

Professional technology consultants are scarce resources for SMEs. Onestone can provide partners effective technology supports, especially in metal and plastics materials manufacturing areas. Our engineers can track the whole supply chain, improve processing design and products’ structure, and reduce labor costs and quality risks. All of these efforts are to present the essence of design to the largest degree. 。

One-stop Solution Service:

Onestone is a one stop place where you can get the engineering consulting, right choice of materials, practical assessment of processing, mold-making, surface treatments, quality control, production management, assembly and packaging, trading and distribution.

Risks Taking, Assessing and Controlling:

There are numbers of uncertainties during sales and manufacturing in global trades. These uncertain factors should be controlled effectively, in order to reducing risks. Onestone assesses and screen projects before trades. And we have professionals to control quality during manufacturing processes not only during in final inspection, according to quality management systems, IATF 16949:2016 and ISO9001:2015. Besides, we protect customers’ patents, make sure finance procedure safe, manage inventory risks, sign risk and confidential agreements and forewarning potential risks.。

Location advantages and market extansion:

Onestone locates in Ningbo, China and gains the advantages of market extension by Yangtze river delta area, one of biggest SMEs industrial belt. Casting industry and metal processing in Ningbo are leaders in China. Ningbo location also has advantages in most industries, including home appliances, stationery and sporting goods, clothing, digital products, bearing, automobile accessories, chemical fiber, plush toy, glass optical fiber, silica gel and so on.

We are currently working with customers in more than 20 countries, for instance, America, Japan, Netherland, Germany, Swede, Russia, India, Pakistan, Morocco, Turkey, Italy, Brazil, Australia and so on. 。

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