Cixi yishi industry and trade co., LTD is committed to integrating the global industrial chain and providing customers with the best solutions.On the basis of our most advantageous production link, we combine the ability of design and development with existing sales channels, integrate global resources, improve development efficiency and reduce communication cost, and finally provide the best solution to customers.
Yishi founded: two sets of parents, husband Even Wong and wife Erica LUO, have spent half their lives running an injection molding factory and a casting factory respectively.After five years of business study, founders Even Wong and Erica LUO have been exposed to different forms of products, projects and customers, and encountered many communication problems with customers in reality, design feasibility, production delivery and quality problems, as well as the establishment of sales channels.Therefore, the two founders decided to start from the integration of the industrial chain and provide better solutions to customers.
Company culture: committed to building a rock solid team, providing customers with a simple and unsophisticated service.

Cixi Onestone Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.

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